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Leverage your existing data to personalize e-commerce for shoppers and increase sales

Automated Data Science Service with a single click!

Transform generic product listings into personalized pages to deliver an optimal shopping experience to your customers

For Small and Medium Businesses
You got yourself a Data Science Team!

Boffin is designed for Small and Medium Businesses. Simply install the BoffinAI app to your store and it will automatically analyze your existing sales and inventory data to personalize customer experiences and detect trends.

Retail in Fashion, Beauty, Electronics, Home Furnishing or Grocery, let data be your partner. Gain insights, increase conversion, reduce bounce and abandonment rates. BoffinAI adds the leading Data Science experts to your team.

Small and Medium Businesses

Leverage all your data to personalize
Use everything you know!

BoffinAI uses deep learning to segmentusers and products using your existing data.

Geolocation, demographicinformation, product similarity (pattern, color, style), trends, seasonal variations, historical buying patterns andnumerous other signals contribute to ensuring only the most relevant products are surfaced to each user.

We value privacy and guarantee no personally identifiable information is used or saved during training or predictions.

Small and Medium Businesses

Your store's experience evolves in realtime
Get insights as they happen

Boffin evolves in real time to learn each customer's unique wants and needs. Events such as purchases are incorporated as they happen. Understand trends live so you can make informed decisions about your store.

Learn more about the importance of evolving in real time to understand each user.


Customized, curated shopping experiences reduce abandonment and translates to happier, repeat customers

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